How to avoid becoming a victim of a client?

B the beauty industry, as in any service industry, has to work with many all kinds of people. The work does not always go smoothly, sometimes conflicts.. Today I want to tell you about a situation familiar to many when a client, receiving a high-quality service, requires a price reduction or refuses altogether to pay. Shouts, insults, threats to go to court or the tax office make the makeup artist a victim and exhaust it so that there is no strength left for the next clients.

More often in total, beginners and freelancers face this problem: the client turns to to a make-up artist, he can indicate on whose recommendation he came, and asks for a discount or even provide him with a service for free. Threats, pleas, attempts can be used shame the master, etc.

Oh how to minimize the possibility of meeting such a client, and how to conduct myself in case such a meeting did take place, I will tell you below.

All begins even before communication, namely from your page and ads on social networks. Remember that on the Internet, as in life, you are greeted by clothes, and therefore a lot depends on how you promote and present yourself.

What gives customers a reason to believe that you can be persuaded to provide free services?

  1. The lack of a clear price tag shows your uncertainty about the cost of your services. You may not be listing prices to prevent competitors from seeing them. But they already know the average prices, do not hesitate. And you need to know market prices and, based on them, set your own. A person who does not know the market in which he works is a good target for deception.
  2. Your social media accounts look unprofessional.
    It is important to pay attention to the page you are indicate in the ad for the provision of services. In order for the client to have no doubts about your professional activity, it is necessary to bring the page into a proper form. Explore the pages of successful masters and edit your personal profile to their liking. The visitor to your account should understand your line of business, and he should also be able to see examples of your work. And, of course, do not forget about the photo on your profile avatar – it must be taken by a professional photographer and reflect your field of activity.

  • Style of writing is a separate and very important point! Calmness and regularity distinguish the text of the advertisement of a successful and self-confident master. Imagine that you meet a longtime acquaintance, and you have time to tell about yourself and the services you provide, leave a business card.

But what if you already have an angry client in front of you?

  1. Calm, only calm. In the first minute, you may want to shout to shout in defense of your position. However, if you remain calm, you will most likely be able to resolve the conflict much faster.

So count to ten, inhale and exhale, take a few sips cold water and offer water to the client.

  • Listen to the client without interrupting. He wants to be heard – give him this opportunity. For some reason, many of our compatriots are sure that those around you only understand the cry. But if you show that you are ready to listen and discuss the situation, the person will quickly “cool down.”
  • Act according to the situation. If the client’s dissatisfaction was caused by your mistake, then suggest ways out of this situation. If the result of the service provided fully meets the initial wishes and requirements of the client, then defend your position without reacting to threats.

So, we examined the main markers by which people see that you can be deceived or use, as well as the nuances of behavior in a conflict situation.

Don’t let possible aggression from the client influence your self-esteem, think over a plan of action in case such a situation suddenly occurs, and keep bringing beauty to the world!

Makeup: Natalia Naida
Photo: Marie Vostokova
Model: Katya Prosenyuk

Author: Anna Ryzhaya

While it would be easy to think that becoming a victim of medical malpractice is cut and dry—either you are a victim or you are not a victim—there are steps that can help lessen the chance of malpractice. Continue reading for 6 of the most common.

1. Be Proactive

Being proactive about your health care and healthcare providers is the best step to avoiding medial mistakes. Do not simply take your doctor’s word for it about your condition. Take to the internet (only using reputable sites and use your doctor’s information as a jumping board) and do your homework. Research your health condition(s) and make a list including the specifics of your condition, as well as any symptoms visit medicaments.

2. Speak Up!

Doctors can use a lot of jargon that is helpful for their profession, but not so helpful to you, the patient who does not have a medical degree. If you do not understand something, do not be too intimidated to ask for clarification. By the same token, if you do not feel comfortable speaking on a personal level with your doctor or nurse, it is important to address these concerns.

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